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University Leadership

Dr Des Fitzgerald is the President of the University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland and as the Chief Executive Officer is ultimately responsible for all of the operations of the University. Overall management of the University's affairs is the responsibility of the Executive Committee of the University.  More Information on the Executive Committee and its members.

The academic affairs of the University are managed by Academic Council.

Statute No. 6 - Composition of Academic Council | Regulations - Elections of Faculty to Academic Council | Membership of 5th Statutory Academic Council | Academic Council Standing Orders

The University has adopted a Strategic Plan for its future development. This plan is the foundation upon which strategic priorities are formulated and implemented. The University reviews this plan at regular intervals.

Broadening Horizons 2015 -2019 - University of Limerick Strategic Plan  

University Governance

The University of Limerick operates under the aegis of the Universities Act, 1997. Overall authority for the affairs of the University is vested by the State in the Governing Authority of the University of Limerick. The Governing Authority, a 29-member body, is appointed in accordance with the Universities Act.

More Information on the Governing Authority and its members.

More information on the Academic Organisational Structure of the University of Limerick

More information on the Administrative Organisational Structure of the University of Limerick